Adam Blake Irvine Memorial Endowed Scholarship

The Adam Blake Irvine Memorial Endowed Scholarship was established to honor the memory of a young person who experienced the harsh economic, social, physical and psychological obstacles transgender students face in our culture. Many transgender youth are without sufficient family or community support and therefore face particular challenges in their efforts to make their way through the education process. It is the intent of this scholarship to acknowledge students who are continuing to overcome such obstacles with a measure of financial assistance. Adam Blake Irvine was a curious, kind, talented and funny person who was dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge. He found satisfaction in discovering new ideas, information an experiences. Adam would have been honored to be able to help others to pursue their dreams, especially in furthering their education.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Do you self identify as transgender and/or non-binary?
  2. What challenges and triumphs have you faced because of your gender identity?
  3. How has your own experience of your gender identity influenced your participation in your community?