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Automatch Scholarships:
Once you complete and submit your General Application, you will be matched with scholarships for which you immediately qualify no further action is required.

Automatch scholarships will appear with “No additional information required” listed under the “Action” column – this means an additional application is not required for consideration. The “Deadline” column indicates the deadline to submit a completed application to receive consideration. This is not the deadline to accept the award.

Apply To Scholarships:
To see a list of scholarships that may need additional action “Apply To” on your part to receive consideration, select “Recommended” under “Opportunities.” All students who qualify will be auto-matched to these opportunities.

Qualifying for both opportunities does not guarantee you will receive a scholarship.

Browsing “All” Scholarships:
Below is a list of all scholarship opportunities within the NCC Scholarship Opportunity Manager. This list shows all scholarships, not scholarships for which you are receiving consideration.

* *Scholarship award amounts vary based on student’s individual eligibility, funds available, financial need, and other factors.* *

The Scholarships Office will notify you directly when you are selected to receive an award, via your NCC e-mail. Continue to check your e-mail throughout the summer months leading up to the Fall semester. Also, be aware that we may need to call you about your award. Please make sure you have included a valid phone number on your student record where the Scholarships Office can contact you or leave a message. It is important for NCC and the Scholarships Office to have your most up-to-date contact information on file. If you need to update your address and/or phone number on your student record, submit your changes at Workday > Biographical Information on the NCC website, or complete and submit the Change of Student Information form to the Records Office.

Most scholarship awards for the academic year are made during the summer months leading up to the start of the Fall semester. To be considered for any scholarship award, you must have submitted both your application for enrollment to NCC, and your Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application, and be registered for six or more credit hours each semester. GPA and credit requirements may differ depending on each scholarship’s criteria. Please note that the sooner you register for your classes each semester, the sooner we can determine your eligibility for a scholarship – and the sooner you’ll receive your award!

Scholarship awards are given for one academic year. You must reapply and qualify each academic year. The amount you receive may be divided between your Fall and Spring semesters. Each qualifying student will be considered for scholarship assistance for a maximum of four semesters. Once the award year is complete you must reapply. Also, a drop in your credit load or withdrawing from classes can affect both your Financial Aid and your continued eligibility for your scholarship award.

Opportunities Table
Award Name Actions
Varies Presidential Ambassador Scholarship
Northampton Community College is offering Presidential Ambassador...
Varies Catherine Bailey Annual Scholarship
Preference will be given to Business and Industry students;
Varies Iron Valley Real Estate- The Emily Weidinger Team Annual Scholarship
Preference will be given to students who demonstrate outstanding...
varies Kingston Annual Scholarship
Preference given to students studying Health Sciences and carrying the...
Varies Maldonado-Stumpf Scholarship
First preference give to students residing in South Bethlehem. Second...
Varies Megan & Rick Principato Endowed Nursing Scholarship
First preference given to students enrolled in the nursing program....
Varies Regina C. and Robert A. Bryson Jr. Scholarship Endowment
Students must have a GPA of a 3.0 or higher. Preference will be given to...
Varies Tyler Kleinle Annual Scholarship
Preference is given to second year student of Northampton County...
Varies AAUW Easton Branch STEM Scholarship
This annual scholarship is open to women in science, technology,...
Varies Adam Blake Irvine Memorial Endowed Scholarship
The Adam Blake Irvine Memorial Endowed Scholarship was established to...
Varies Al and Gloria Senavitis Endowed Scholarship
The Senavitis Scholarship is be awarded to NCC students who graduated...
Varies Alexander, Elizabeth & Joann Trotsky Endowment for Global & International Studies
To support Northampton Community College students who are enrolled in a...
Varies Alumni Association Scholarship Endowment
Northampton Community College’s Alumni Association created an annual...
Varies Andrea C. and Dustin W. Weismiller Annual Scholarship
This scholarship was established to assist students from Northampton and...
Varies Andrea Luecke Scholarship Endowment
Andrea Luecke was a 2002 honors graduate of Northampton Community...
Varies Andrew L. Herster Scholarship Endowment
This scholarship was established to honor the memory of Andrew L....
Varies Angelina Perrucci Endowed Scholarship
In memory of Angelina Perrucci, who was forced to leave school as a...
Varies Ann and Joseph Farda Endowed Scholarship
The Ann and Joseph Farda scholarship was established to assist full or...
Varies Arcadia Foundation Veterinary Technician Scholarship Endowment
To provide scholarship assistance to any full or part-time students...
Varies Arif & Donna Fazil Endowed Scholarship
The scholarship will be given to a Pell eligible students in our 8...
Varies Arnold R. Cook Dental Hygiene Examination Scholarship Endowment
Scholarship funds will be available to defray part of the cost of the...
Varies August J. Buzas Scholarship Endowment
To provide an annual scholarship to a full or part-time student who...
Varies Austin's Auto Annual Scholarship
Supports NCC students in the Automotive Technology program.
Varies Bakerly Endowed Scholarship
Bakerly began when Julien and Fabian, two Bretons (from Brittany, in the...
Varies Band of Brothers Endowed Scholarship
Any Northampton Community College student, who has served in the Armed...
Varies Barnette Scholarship Endowment
This endowment was established by Curtis H. and Joanne Barnette to...
Varies Beall Fowler Scholarship Fund for Northampton Community College
The Beall Fowler Scholarship Fund supports NCC students from the...
Varies Bennett Family Scholarship Endowment
Gordon and Cindy Bennett are Lehigh Valley natives with a long history...
Varies Bethlehem Kiwanis Scholarship Endowment
This endowment was established by the Bethlehem Kiwanis Club to provide...
Varies Beverly Weaver Nursing Scholarship Endowment
To provide an annual scholarship to a nursing student who has...
Varies BG Anna McCabe Hays Endowed Scholarship
The McCabe Hays Scholarship is awarded to students at NCC who...
Varies Bill & Barbara Cramer Scholarship Endowment
This scholarship was established by Attorney Bill Cramer and his wife...
Varies Blanca Class Smith Scholarship Endowment
The scholarship is established by the Hispanic Caucus, a group of...
Varies Blue Knights Motorcycle Club - PA Chapter 3 Scholarship
Eligibility for this annual scholarship includes any full-time 2nd year...
Varies Bob and Fran Ashman Scholarship Endowment
This scholarship was begun by Bob Ashman and his wife Francine in 2003....
Varies Bob Kelly Annual Scholarship
This scholarship was established to assist NCC students from Monroe County.
Varies Brenda Paulich Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship was established in memory of Brenda Paulich who...
Varies Brian D. Perin Endowed Scholarship
Awarded to students with demonstrated financial need with preference for...
Varies Brian D. Ruth Scholarship Endowment
Brian D. Ruth was a ‘99 graduate of Northampton’s culinary arts program...
Varies Brown-Daub Foundation NCC Promise Endowed Scholarship
First preference is given to students who are current Brown-Daub...
Varies Bruce A. and Judith A. Palmer Endowed Scholarship
The Bruce A. and Judith A. Palmer Endowed Scholarship is awarded to NCC...
Varies Bruce and Trudi Quinn Denlinger Endowed Scholarship
To provide annual support to full or part-time students from Monroe...
Varies Burton & Catherine VanSyckle Scholarship Endowment
This scholarship was founded in 2007 by Tim and Mary VanSyckle in honor...
Varies Bushkill Group Scholarship Endowment
This endowment was founded by Resorts USA Inc. in 2004 to provide...
Varies Caitlin & Mary Conaway Scholarship Endowment
This scholarship is named in memory of Caitlin and Mary Conaway,...
Varies Carl N. and Edith A. Fretz Memorial Scholarship Endowment
This scholarship came about as a result of a bequest from the estate of...
Varies Carol H. and Dr. David G. Beckwith Endowed Scholarship For Business Management
First preference is given to Business management majors enrolled in...
Varies Caruso Family Memorial Scholarship Endowment
This scholarship is named in memory of Michael “Baskets” Caruso, of...
Varies Cecilia Cardenas-Chillar Scholarship
This scholarship is for second year Culinary Art students who have a GPA...
Varies Cecilia M. O'Grady Scholarship Endowment
This scholarship is named in memory of Cecilia M. O’ Grady, a long-time,...